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Who we are:

We are a group of people dedicated to preserving a part
of classic gaming that seems to be overlooked most of the time.
Namely classic video game magazines.

Much more so than today, video game magazines played a vital role
in the years before the internet became wide spread.
Nowadays, nearly every announcement or news story
gets posted online before it goes to print.

The people who grew up in those 'good old days' remember
just how big a part video game magazines played in our hobby.

Many years later we find ourselves looking back with fond memories,
thinking how it would be great to be able
to read certain features or articles we only faintly remember.
But unless you have boxes full of classic magazines stacked
away underneath your bed, it can be very hard
to find the ones you'd like to read.

That's where we come in.

Our goal is to preserve and restore these classic video game magazines
by digitizing them before they are lost forever.
Besides letting people enjoy the articles directly through the site,
we also create cbz files containing the complete magazines
from start to finish, which give us the benefit of creating
much higher quality version than what's feasible on a website.
This way anyone who is but a mouse click
away will be able to enjoy them once more.

By 'restoring' these magazines,
we do not mean that we quickly slap a magazine
on a scanner and call it a day. Far from it.
We take the restoration progress very seriously
and painstakingly work on every little detail to try
and get these digital recreations looking
as close to the orgininal versions of these magazine,
in a similar fashion how classic movies are being restored today.
Please take a look at our restoration feature,
to get a better idea of what we mean by this.

We do however only seek out magazines which are
published prior to the year 2000,
unless permission has been granted by the specific publisher
in question to do otherwise.
The only exception to this rule are Dreamcast exclusive magazines,
due to the nature and circumstances surrounding the system.
As well as NGamer Magazine which sadly fell victim
to a somewhat similar fate.
Reprints and re-issued classic magazines in any
shape or form (digital versions included) will be treated
like newer magazines, which means we won't be scanning them.

The reason for restricting ourselves to magazines
published before a certain date,
is to give publishers enough breathing room to sell
reprints or digital versions of their old magazines:
these are hard enough times as it is for print
and the last thing we would want
is to have any kind of negative effect.

We have no intent nor desire to profit from these magazines
in any way, shape or form.
Thus we do not accept monetary donations of any kind.
Every cent that is spent to buy magazines or maintain the site
will be taken out of our own pockets.
Nor do we have any desire to financially harm any publisher,
editor, writer or person involved in creating these,
or any other magazines for that matter.

We take this part very seriously,
so these are not just some lofty words
that we put on our front page to make ourselves sound genuine,
but end up not following through ourselves.
Unlike certain other sites which put a silimar statement up,
yet distribute and torrent brand new magazines
on separate domains and sites,
thinking it will go unnoticed that way...

We are not here to do harm,
but to help protect their legacy.
We have said this from the very start,
and we do keep our word.
That is why the pre-2000 date is in place:
to protect their business and lively-hood,
and to make sure that we will be able
to keep enjoying their magazines for many years to come.

We would like to thank everyone who makes this project possible.
From the original writers, editors and publishers,
to everyone involved in acquiring, digitizing, preserving
and releasing these magazines.

For people who are looking to help us out by donating magazines,
please join us on the forums.

If you are a copyright holder of any content that wishes
to preserve your works digitally, please contact us.
Out-of-Print Archive aims to work with you
to preserve these historical magazines
before they are lost to history and time itself.
Contact Out-of-Print Archive: admin@outofprintarchive.com

One last thing:
If you come across people trying to sell any of our releases,
please do not support them!

Thank you.


All the intellectual property rights related to the works presented on this site belong to their respective owners.
This site is strictly created for the purpose of preservation and education.

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