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CVG 175 - june 1996 (UK) magazine title:
Computer and Video Games 174
release date:
May 1996
EMAP Publishing
number of pages:
116 pages + 16 pages freeplay
Paul Davies
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
November 1981
final issue:
October 2004



White Sega Saturn (p.8)
AM2 classics coming to Saturn (p.8)
N64 release date (p.9)
Segaworld London (p.9)
ACME Arcade Show report:
-Virtua Fighter 3 (p.10)
-War Gods (p.12)
-Virtual On (p.14)
-Sonic The Fighters (p.14)
-Virtua Fighter Kids (p.14)
-Gunblade NY (p.16)
-Dungeons & Dragons: Shadows Over Mystara (p.16)
-19xx (p.16)
-NBA Hangtime (p.16)
-Art of Fighting 3 (p.16)
-Wave Shark (p.16)
-Run and Gun 2 (p.16)
-Avengers in Galactic Storm (p.16)
-Skull Fang (p.16)
-Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire (p.16)

Super Mario RPG (sues) (p.20)
Sonic The Fighters (Arcade) (p.26)
Track and Field (PSone) (p.30)
Euro '96 Soccer (Saturn/PC) (p.32)
Williams Arcade Classics (PSone) (p.34)
Resident Evil (PSone) (p.36)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Saturn) (p.38)
Powerplay Hockey (Saturn/PC/PSone) (p.42)
Quake (PC CD-Rom) (p.44)
Dark Savior (Saturn) (p.46)
Legend of Thor (Saturn) (p.47)
Syndicate: The Corporate Wars (PC CD-ROM) (p.48)
The King of Fighters '95 (Saturn) (p.50)
Gun Griffon (Saturn) (p.52)
Vampire Hunter (Saturn) (p.54)
The Night Warriors (PSone) (p.54)

Double Switch (PC CD-ROM) (p.48)
Night Trap (PC CD-ROM) (p.49)
Formula 1 (PSone) (p.60)
Final Fantasy VII (PSone) (p.106)

WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game (p.94)
Toy Story (SNES/Mega Drive) (p.96)


Panzer Dragoon Zwei (Saturn) (p.66)
Wing Commander IV (PSone) (p.72)
Wing Commander IV (PC CD-ROM) (p.74)
Adidas Power Soccer (Psone) (p.76)
Spycraft (PC CD-ROM) (p.78)
The Need for Speed (PSone) (p.80)
WipEout (Saturn) (p.82)
Terra Nova (PC CD-ROM) (p.84)
Decent II (PC CD-ROM) (p.88)
Virtual Snooker (PC CD-ROM) (p.90)
Primal Rage (PSone) (p.90)
Kingdom ‘O Magic (PC CD-ROM) (p.90)
Missile Command (Atari Jaguar) (p.90)
Brian Lara '96 (Mega Drive] (p.91)
Duke Nukem 3D (PC CD-ROM) (p.91)
Worms Reinforcements (PC CD-ROM) (p.92)
NBA Live '96 (PC CD-ROM) (p.92)
NBA Jam: T.E. (Atari Jaguar) (p.92)
Panzer General (PSone) (p.92)
Alone in the Dark 2 (Saturn) (p.93)
Toshinden Remix (Saturn) (p.93)
Bermuda Syndrome (PC CD-ROM) (p.93)

Street Fighter Alpha 2 (p.100)

Namco Museum Volume 3 (PSone) (p.112)
Irem Arcade Classics (PSone) (p.112)
Blam! Machinehead (PSone/Saturn/PC) (p.112)
Magic Knight RayEarth (Saturn) (p.112)
Mindwarp (PC CD-ROM) (p.112)
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (PSone/PC) (p.112)
Namcoffi/luseum Volume 2 (PSone) (p.113)
Chrono Q (PSone) (p.113)
D2 (M2) (p.113)
Robo Pit (PSone) (p.113)
Project Overkill (PSone) (p.113)
Shadows of the Empire (N64) (p.113)

Fighting Vipers seen on Saturn (p.1)
machine wars! (p.1)
Game Shows over (p.1)
readers most wanted chart (p.1)
Official Chart Round-Up (p.2)
Dave Kelsall's retro Computer Cabin (p.2)
Killer Intinct 2 Arcade Guide (p.4)
Drawinz wot you dun (p.8)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Arcade Guide (p.10)
Tips (p.14)




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