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PC Player 3 magazine title:
PC Player issue 3
release date:
February 1994
Maverick Magazines
number of pages:
John Davison
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
December 1993
final issue:
October 1994



Privateer Mission Disk (p. 8)
BloodNet (p. 9)
Starlord (p. 9)
Chaos Control (p. 10)
Archon Ultra (p. 10)
Elder Scrolls: The Arena (p. 10)
Discworld (p. 12)
The Dig (p. 13)
Tie Fighter (p. 13)
GAME stores (p. 13)

Overlord: D-Day (p. 102)
Pacific Strike (p. 104)
Delta V (p. 106)
Simcity 2000 (p. 108)
Saurus (p. 111)

Rebel Assault (p. 26)
Beneath A Steel Sky (p. 30)
Hand of Fate (p. 38)
War in Russia (p. 44)
Syndicate: American Revolution (p. 50)
Ryder Cup (p. 52)
Labyrinth of Time (p. 54)
Dungeon Hack (p. 56)
Flight Sim Toolkit (p. 60)
Subwar 2050 (p. 70)
Goblins 3 (p. 72)
Leisure Suit Larry 6 (p. 74)
Unnatural Selection (p. 92)


Super Test: 3D Role-Playing Games: (p. 16)
- Dungeon Master
- Shadowcaster
- Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos
- Eye of the Beholder trilogy
- Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss
- Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of Worlds
Dave Gibbons Interview (p. 36)
Book Guide (p. 42)
- The Adventure Game Player's Handbook
- Harpoon Battlebook
- Ultima VII and Underworld
- Emipre Forever: The Official Strategy Guide
- X-Wing: The Official Strategy Guide
Expert Opinion: Aces Over Europe (p. 67)
SU-27 Flanker (p. 80)
Silicon Graphics (p. 84)

We Want More (p. 79)
Guilty (p. 112)

Striker (p. 48)
Magic Boy (p. 48)
Bubble Dizzy (p. 48)
Alone in the Dark (CD-ROM edition) (p. 49)
Jurassic Park (p.49)
Advantage Tennis (CD-ROM) (p.49)



PC Player
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