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Sega Pro 5 magazine title:
Sega Pro 5
release date:
March 1992
Paragon Publishing
number of pages:
Dominic Handy
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
November 1991
final issue:
September 1996



Mindscape signs up (p.6)
Back in the action (p.7)
The Gigadrive gig (p.9)
rediffusion Virtual Reality (p.9)
New Mega CD systems on the way (p.12)
Battle Mania (p.13)
Lunar The Silver Star (p.13)
Alisia Dragoon (p.14)
Twinkle Tale (p.14)
Robo Aleste (p.14)
Two Crude Dudes (p.14)

The Terminator (Mega Drive) (p.16)
Pigskin (Mega Drive) (p.18)
Battlewings (Mega Drive) (p.18)
Lemmings (Mega Drive) (p.18)
Star Odyssey (Mega Drive) (p.18)
Two Crude Dudes (Mega Drive) (p.18)
Jordan vs Bird (Mega Drive) (p.19)
Renovations in March (p.19)
Test Drive 2 and Super Off Road (Mega Drive) (p.19)
paperboy (Game Gear) (p.19)
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? (p.22)

Guide to add-ons (p.24)


Wani Wani World (Mega Drive) (p.32)
Alien Storm (Master System) (p.34)
Running Battle (Master System) (p.36)
Skweek (Game Gear) (p.37)
Rings of Power (Mega Drive) (p.38)
Shadow Dancer (Master System) (p.40)
Laser Ghost (Master System) (p.48)
Tecmo World Cup '92 (Mega Drive) (p.49)
Buck Rogers (Mega Drive) (p.50)
Heavy Nova (Mega CD) (p.52)
Galvanic Gunner Aleste (Game Gear) (p.54)
Line of Fire (Master System) (p.55)
Super Fantasy Zone (Mega Drive) (p.56)
Toki (Mega Drive) (p.58)
Space Harrier (Game Gear) (p.59)
Sol-Feace (Mega CD) (p.60)
Earnest Evans (Mega CD) (p.62)
Heavy Weight Champ (Game Gear) (p.64)
Buck Rogers (Mega Drive) (p.50)

Quackshot (Mega Drive) (p.70)
Y's The vanished Omens (Master System) (p.74)
Bubble Bobble (Master System) (p.76)

Earnest Evans (p.82)



Sega Pro

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