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Sega Pro 7 magazine title:
Sega Pro 7
release date:
May 1992
Paragon Publishing
number of pages:
Dominic Handy
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
November 1991
final issue:
September 1996



Mega-CD delayed (pg.7)
Quickshot in control (pg.7)
Accolade sub-£30 MD games (pg.12)
Mousetrap (pg.12)
Sega WonderMega (pg.14)
Todd's Adventures in Slimeworld (Mega Drive) (pg.16)
Thunder Pro Wrestling (Mega Drive) (pg.16)
Thunderforce IV (Mega Drive) (pg.17)
Take the A Train (Mega Drive) (pg.17)
Dark Wizard (Mega Drive) (pg.17)

Champions of Europe (Master System) (pg.28)
Alien Syndrome (Game Gear) (pg.32)
Double Dragon (Mega Drive) (pg.34)
Asterix (Master System) (pg.36)
Chase H.Q. (Game Gear) (pg.38)
Turbo Outrun (Mega Drive) (pg.40)
Calibre.50 (Mega Drive) (pg.42)
Steel Empire (Mega Drive) (pg.43)
Ninja Burai (Mega Drive) (pg.44)
Back to the Future Part 3 (Master System) (pg.54)
The Chessmaster (Game Gear) (pg.56)
Arch Rivals (Mega Drive/Master System) (pg.58)
Granada X (Mega Drive) (pg.62)
Buster Ball (Game Gear) (pg.64)


F-15 Strike Eagle (Mega Drive) (pg.18)
Bart vs the Space Mutants (GG/MS) (pg.18)
Splatterhouse 2 (Mega Drive) (pg.18)
Ferrari GP Challenge (Mega Drive) (pg.19)
World Class Leaderboard US Golf (Mega Drive) (pg.19)
New Zealand Story (Master System) (pg.19)
Smash TV (Game Gear) (pg.19)
Outrun Europa (Game Gear) (pg.20)
Stormlord 2 (Mega Drive) (pg.20)
Predator 2 (Mega Drive) (pg.20)
Trouble Shooter (Mega Drive) (pg.20)
George Foreman Knockout Boxing (Game Gear) (pg.21)
Wheel of Fortune (Mega Drive) (pg.21)
Side Pocket (Mega Drive) (pg.21)
Olympic Gold (Mega Drive) (pg.21)
One on One: Jordan vs Bird (Mega Drive) (pg.21)
Top Pro Golf (Mega Drive) (pg.21)
Test Drive II The Duel (Mega Drive) (pg.22)
Super Off Road (Mega Drive) (pg.24)

Indy 3 (Mega Drive) (pg.76)
Rings of Power (Mega Drive) (pg.80)

Task Force Harrier EX (Mega Drive) (pg.88)



Sega Pro

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