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Again, due to ongoing health issues as well as scanner problems (having to throw out a years worth of scans due to a scanner defect that was noticed way too late), this update comes a bit later than expected, as a big part of the magazine needed to be redone from scratch...
But our first issue of the Nintendo Official Magazine is finally here. You might notice this it starts with issue 54 and that's for good reason. NOM is the continuation of Nintendo Magazine System and thus kept it's numbering despite changing the magazine's name. There's a ton of great content in this first issue so let's get started!
Let's start of with a look at Enix in an RPG Special. Then let's take a look at the included interview with Midway about Doom 64.
Besides these two great feature we also selected four reviews to preview the magazine as you download the full issue: Staring of with the classic Super Mario 64 as well as Pilotwings 64 and then looking at the slightly more dated Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. Enjoy!

Nintendo Official Magazine 54 - march 1997 (UK) December 19, 2017

This week we are proud to present you with the next issue of the official Dreamcast Magazine from the UK, which was released in March of 2000.
In issue 7 you will find the following articles besides a ton of others: MDK 2 by Shiny Entertainment. Rayman 2: The Great Escape, from the long running series by Ubisoft. Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation by Core Design. And finally, the rather strange 2D fighter by none other than Capcom: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

November 21, 2017 Dreamcast Magazine 7 - march 2000 (UK)

Due to a couple of setbacks it took a bit longer to get our next issue out. But we're slowly getting back on track and thus are happy to present you with the remastered version of issue number 4 of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine from February 1996.
We start our preview with perhaps the finest railgun shooter ever created: Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and move on to a horizontal 2D shooting game from another quality pedigree: Darius Gaiden by Taito.
After these two big hitters we look at reviews for two lesser known games for the system: the Sega arcade conversion Wing Arms and the flipper sim True Pinball.

OSSM 4 - february 1996 (UK) (REMASTERED) November 13, 2017

Today we are extremely proud to be to be able to present a very rare issue from 1989. I'm talking about none other than the very first issue of Club Nintendo Magazine from the UK. It's taken me nearly a decade of searching on and off to get my hands on this very magazine. So be sure to grab it because you might have to wait till the next blue moon for a physical copy in excellent condition. ;)
From the way the magazine is put together, you can clearly see that they were still figuring things out a bit. The first preview article is an introduction to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Next up we have a review for the infamous Top Gun by Konami. Then we look at two all-time classics for the NES: The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros.

October 6, 2017 Club Nintendo Volume 1 Issue 1 - 1989 (UK)

Originally released here at the start of 2015, issue 10 of Sega Pro just received the remaster treatment and thus, has never looked better. This issue dates back to the summer of 1992 and therefor has quite a bit of Game Gear content to keep you busy during that long vacation.
We found a lot of great stuff so it was hard to pick only four preview articles, so we ended up with eight instead. We have an abundance of Game Gear content up as a preview for this issue, so lets jump right in and take a look at the reviews for Prince of Persia, Klax, Popils and last but not least Marble Madness, all of which are for the Sega Game Gear.
Then we have a look at Batman for the Mega Drive, followed by the Friday the 13th inspired game Splatterhouse II, also for the Sega Mega Drive.

Sega Pro 10 - august 1992 (UK) (REMASTERED) September 9, 2017

We're delivering a huge amount of nostalgia in a tiny package this week, especially when the magazine weighs in at a slim 20 pages. This is the final issue of Club Nintendo for 1989. The other volumes normally go up to 6 issues per a year.
We were only just able to get 4 full previews out of these 20 pages, all of them are reviews/features for some timeless Nintendo Entertainment System classics. The first one is Life Force / Salamander from Konami. Next up is Mega Man by Capcom. The next one is Robowarrior / Bomber King by Hudson Soft and Aicom. And finally we have a classic by Rareware: Wizards & Warriors.
If you enjoy this issue, we should be able to have some great news next week that you might like. ;)

September 15, 2017 Club Nintendo Volume 1 Issue 5 - 1989 (UK)

This time we look back at one of the classics from 1991: Mean Machines issue 11 from August. We found a lot of great stuff so it was hard to pick only four preview articles, so we ended up with eight instead. We start of by looking at an often forgotten Mega Drive classic: Alien Storm, then move on to the fantastic Ice Hockey that started a whole series.
Moving on to the Sega Master System, we look at Psycho Fox as well as Spider-Man vs the Kingpin. On the NES side we have Kabuki Quantum Fighter and Boulder Dash. And to finish things off we look at Snow Bros. Jrs for the GameBoy as well as the Summer CES of 1991.

Mean Machines 11 - august 1991 (UK) September 9, 2017

This week we turn back the clock just a little over 10 years and look at issue 6 of NGamer magazine.
As always, we have selected a couple of preview articles to look through as the full magazine downloads to your sytem. We start of with Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin for the Nintendo DS. Then we look at a somewhat overly harsh review for Excite Truck, followed by Trauma Center: Second Opinion and Warioware: Smooth Moves, all of these games are for the Wii.
We also selected two small import reviews for the Nintendo DS. The first one is Jump Ultimate Superstars, while the second one is the little known Tokyo Friend Pack II.

August 25, 2017 NGamer 6 - february 2007 (UK)

This week we return to the very first issue of Sega Pro from November of 1997, which we first released in 2011.
After a lot of editing and reworking, this issue has never looked better than the rendition you see before you today. So let's have a look at what is inside: we start of with an all-time classic Sega RPG, developed by Climax Entertainment on the Mega Drive: Shining in the Darkness.
From there we take a look at one of the cult classics created by the legendary Wolfteam: El Viento for the Mega Drive.
Moving on the the Sega Master System, we check out Shadow of the Beast, and we finish this weeks update with Toejam and Earl on the Mega Drive.

Sega Pro 1 - november 1991 (UK) (REMASTERED) August 18, 2017

This week we turn back the clock exactly 20 years to the summer of 1997 with the brand new digital rendition of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine issue 22. This issue is filled to the brim with excellent content, so much so that we put nearly half the magazine online in the form of preview articles. So let's get started!
First up we have an interview with Kats Sato of Sega Europe on Sonic R. From here we move on to a whole bunch of features for Dragon Force, Last Bronx, Resident Evil, Dungeons & Dragons Collection, Sonic R and WipEout 2097. But that's not all!
We also have the following reviews stacked up for you: Darklight Conflict, Dragon Force, Sky Target, Sonic Jam and last but certainly not least WipEout 2097.

August 5, 2017 Official Sega Saturn Magazine 22 - august 1997 (UK)

This time we look back again to Sega Pro with the newly remastered edition of issue 9 from July 1992.
We have a ton of previews for this issue, so let's get started. We begin with a special titled: Guide to Shoot 'Em Ups. Then we take a look at The Winter CES of 1992. We move on to reviews for Exile as well as Bart VS The Space Mutants, both of which are for the Mega Drive.
And then we look at two Game Gear reviews: Crystal Warriors and OutRun Europa before finishing off this update with the Master System review for Prince of Persia.

Sega Pro 9 - july 1992 (UK) (REMASTERED) July 29, 2017

This week we return to October of 1993 with issue number 12 of Super Play. For this issue, we have selected the following preview articles to read as the full magazine downloads: A rare interview with the people who worked for the Nintendo Hotline. The review for the awesome car battle Rock 'N' Roll Racing by Blizzard Entertainment before they were known as Blizzard. And finally, not one, but two great Konami classics! The home conversion of the arcade smash Sunset Riders as well as the cult classic Zombies Ate My Neighbors which was developed by none other than LucasArts.

July 21, 2017 Super Play 12 - october 1993 (UK) (REMASTERED)

This week we go back in time 25 years to the summer of 1992 with the remastered version of issue 8 of Sega Pro.
This issue includes quite a few timeless classics, so let's get started: first of we have a review for the Mega Drive classic Alisia Dragoon. Then we move on to the review of one of the best games on the Game Gear: Monster World 2: The Dragon's Trap, known in the west as Wonderboy 3: The Dragon's Trap, which just recently got a beautiful remaster of it's own for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
Now we move on to a classic movie conversion: The Terminator and we finish off this update with a somewhat forgotten shoot em up: Trouble Shooter.

Sega Pro 8 - june 1992 (UK) (REMASTERED) July 8, 2017

This week we step back into the cold winter month of November 1993 with the brand new release of Super Play issue 13. For being the holiday season it was a somewhat slow month when it comes to big names releases. Yet this doesn't mean that this month had nothing to look forward to.
We start by looking at Jurassic Park by Ocean. Afterwards it's all about the B-list platform heroes of yesteryear. Starting with Aero the Acrobat by Sunsoft. Then moving on to another Ocean game: Mr Nutz. And finally we look at one of the weirder platforming heroes of the 16-bit era: Super Putty by System 3.

July 1, 2017 Super Play 13 - november 1993 (UK)

This week we return with issue 8 of the N64 Magazine, which was released in November of 1997. This was an issue with severe quality problems while scanning, due to the state of the magazine. But with great care, all of these issues have been taken care of and with the new settings, the magazine is now looking better than ever.
We begin with a look at the arcade racer San Francisco Rush. Then we take a peek at the Japanese version of Bomberman 64. From here we go to the review for the cover story: Lylat Wars / Starfox 64. And finally we have a double header with Multi Championship Racing vs Top Gear Rally.

N64 Magazine 8 - november 1997 (UK) (REMASTERED) June 24, 2017

This week turn back the clock 26 years to July of 1991 to see issue 10 of Mean Machines on the store shelves. This issue has gone through an extended restoration process to make sure it looks as brilliant as it did the day it was brought home. We start of with a forgotten and highly underrated arcade gem that got ported to the Mega Drive: Wardner no Mori. Then we look at a shoot 'em up from one of the greatest developers the genre has ever seen: Zero Wing by Toaplan. Furthermore we have the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Drive by Sega's own Sonic Team.
And finally we delve into some good old 8-bit classics with GG Shinobi for the Game Gear and Shadow Warrior for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

June 16, 2017 Mean Machines 10 - july 1991 (UK) (REMASTERED)

This week we take a look at issue 169 of CVG which came out in December of 1995. We originally released this issue all the way back in 2009, and after a ton of work being done on it recently, this issue is looking better than ever before.
This is the second Computer and Video Games issue in the capable hands of Paul Davies.
This issue we see Tom Guise, Ed Lomas and Jaime Smith join the magazine and you will soon start to witness how they take CVG to a whole new level.
The preview articles that we've selected are: reviews of Twisted Metal, Viewpoint and Worms on the PSone front. And a review for Super Skidmarks on the Mega Drive.

CVG 169 - december 1995 (UK) (REMASTERED) June 9, 2017

This week we take a look back at the remaster of Club Nintendo Volume 1, Issue 4.
While the magazine might be tiny and weighs in at only 20 pages total, it sure holds a lot of nostalgia for the people who used to get it in their mailbox straight from Nintendo back in 1989. Since it's such a small issue we only have two preview articles up on the site. The first one being Section Z by Capcom and the second one is Ikari Warriors by SNK. Both games are for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

June 2, 2017 Club Nintendo Volume 1 Issue 4 - 1989 (UK)

This week we stay with the Official Sega Saturn Magazine, but jump back in time a year and a half from last time to issue 3 that came out in january of 1997.
This remastered edition was originally scanned in 2011 and has this past couple of months gone through a meticulous process to fix tons of little lingering issues as well as a couple of bigger ones that have been stamped out with this edition.
There is a ton of great content in this issue so let's get started. First up we have the arcade version of Manx TT, followed by features for Mystaria, Guardian Heroes and Sega Rally. All for the Sega Saturn. On top of this, we also have several Saturn reviews ligned up: Sega Rally, Galactic Attack, Virtua Racing and Worms.

OSSM 3 - january 1996 (UK) (REMASTERED) May 26, 2017

This time we return with a brand new issue of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine. This is the July 1997 issue and features tons of great content. We begin our preview of this issue with two big interviews: AM#3's Akinubu Abe talks about Last Bronx and Hisao Oguchi & Kenji Kanno from AM#3 talk about Top Skater for the arcade. From here we look at a bunch of features and previews for upcoming games: Marvel Super Heroes as well as Resident Evil by Capcom, Sonic Jam on the Saturn and The House of the Dead in the arcades. And finally WipEout 2097, again for the Sega Saturn.

May 19, 2017 Official Sega Saturn Magazine 21 - july 1997 (UK)

This time we return to NGamer with issue 5 that was released in January of 2007.
We start of our review selection with Gotlieb Pinball Classics by FarSight Studios which would later on develop the high-end arcade simulator: The Pinball Arcade, which digitally recreates a ton of classic pinball tables. The review for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess comes at a time where we see Nintendo reinventing the franchise once again with the gorgeous entry: Breath of the Wild. Rayman Raving Rabbits sure was a fun diversion back then. And Wii Sports showed us just how new play controls could really shake up classic sports games.
Besides all these Wii reviews, we also have a bunch of Nintendo DS games previewed as well: Elite Beat Agents might not be as magical as the original Ouendan game, but it's still a ton of fun.
Gunpey Reverse is a peculiar puzzle game, and Yoshi's Island DS tried to take on the impossible challenge of matching up to the original Super Nintendo masterpiece.
Finally we have a big feature that highlights a bunch of must have Virtual Console games: Download: Wii Recommend.

NGamer 5 - january 2007 (UK) April 23, 2017

After tons of Sega love, we return with some well deserved Nintendo love as well as we release the remaster of Super Play issue 11. We begin our preview of this issue with a big interview with Nintendo of America Vice President: Peter Main. This isn't the only interview though as we also have one with Factor 5's Julian Eggebrecht about Super Turrican. After all of this goodness we look at The full story of the Nintendo CD. And we end this update with reviews for Mortal Kombat as well as Super Mario All-Stars.

February 11, 2017 Super Play 11 - september 1993 (UK) (REMASTERED)

Today we return to the Official Sega Magazine with issue 18, where we get some more glimpses at the upcoming Sega Saturn games as well as a couple of top Mega Drive gems.
Our preview for this issue starts of with a feature on Alien Soldier for the Mega Drive, followed by the review for it as well. Then we take a look at two brilliant SNK fighting classics that made their way over to the Mega CD: Samurai Shodown and Fatal Fury Special.
Before we move on to the Saturn games, we take a closer look at the review of Knuckles' Chaotix for the 32X.
Now we turn our attention to Astal and Cyber Speedway, both on the Sega Saturn, before finishing up with a showcase on the arcade version of Virtua Fighter 2.

Official Sega Magazine 18 - june 1995 (UK) January 28, 2017

This week we jump ahead about a year and dive into the remastered version of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine issue 13 from November 1996.
For fans of arcade games, there is a ton of content in this particular issue. Starting with a feature on Real Bout Fatal Fury by SNK and X-Men vs Street Fighter by Capcom. Then we have Virtual On Cyber Troopers for the Sega Saturn as well as an interview with AM#2 on Fighting Vipers.

January 14, 2017 OSSM 13 - november 1996 (UK) (REMASTERED)

We start of the new year with the remastered edition of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine 2.
As always, this new edition has been cleaned up considerably and has quite a few improvements over the old version which was released in 2011. The colour correction makes it look much closer to the original magazine for instance. And everything from the text to possible spots and speck of dust that might have been visible in the old release are cleaned up in this latest version.
As a preview of this issue we have a couple of articles picked out as usual. These include showcases for Vitua Cop, Virtua Fighter 2, X-Men Children of the Atom, and Firestorm Thunderhawk 2.

OSSM 2 - december 1995 (UK) (REMASTERED) January 7, 2017

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