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MEGA 4 magazine title:
MEGA Issue 4
release date:
January 1993
Future Publishing
number of pages:
Neil West
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
October 1992
final issue:
August 1995



'Are Video Games Addictive?' (pg.7)
Streetfighter 2 Joypad Revealed (pg.8)
Amstrad's Mega PC (pg.8)
Addams Family (pg.9)
Busman's Holiday: Rob Hubbard (pg.9)
Stop Press: Sega Restrict Reviews (pg.9)
Voyage to the Bowels of the Back Catalogue:
World Cup Italia '90 (pg.10)
Sega Mega CD re-design (pg.10)
Ballistic Win Legal Battle with Sega (pg.10)
Simultaneous Six-player Adaptor (pg.11)
Battletoads (pg.11)
Eye of the Beholder (pg.11)

Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition (pg.28)
James Pond 3: Operation Starfish (pg.30)
Powermonger (pg.31)
Micro Machines (pg.32)
Strider 2 (pg.33)
PGA Tour Golf 2 (pg.34)
Rolo to the Rescue (pg.35)

Streets of Rage 2 (pg.38)
Indiana Jones (pg.42)
Super Wrestlemania (pg.44)
Universal Soldier (pg.46)
Road Rash 2 (pg.48)
Death Duel (pg.50)
Steel Talons (pg.52)
Mystical Fighter (pg.54)
Terminator 2 (pg.55)
Shadow of the Beast 2 (pg.56)
Chiki Chiki Boys (pg.57)
Black Hole Assault (pg.58)
Gemfire (pg.59)
Risky Woods (pg.60)
Rampart (pg.61)
Super HQ (pg.62)
Past Masters:
-Desert Strike (pg.81)
-Kid Chameleon (pg.83)
-Klax (pg.85)


Andy Crane interview (pg.14)
The Menacer Is Here (pg.18)
- The Tomato Game (pg.18)
- Rockman's Zone (pg.18)
- Space Station Defender (pg.18)
- Whack Ball (pg.19)
- Front Line (pg.19)
- Pest Control (pg.19)
So What's Going to Happen in 1993? (pg.20)
- Afterburner III (pg.20)
- Batman Returns (pg.21)
- Cool World (pg.22)
- Dolphin (pg.22)
- Dungeon Master: Skull Keeper (pg.22)
- G-LOC (pg.22)
- King's Quest V (pg.22)
- Leisure Suit Larry (pg.22)
- Links (pg.22)
- Out of This World (pg.22)
- Pit-Fighter 2 (pg.22)
- Police Quest 3 (pg.22)
- Rad Mobile (pg.22)
- RBI Baseball IV (pg.22)
- The Secret of Monkey Island (pg.22)
- Sim Earth (pg.22)
- Super Sonic (pg.22)
- Terminator (pg.22)
- Terminator 2 (pg.22)
- The Third World War (pg.22)
- Willy Beamish (pg.22)
- Wing Commander (pg.22)
- Wolfchild (pg.22)
- WWF Wrestlemania (pg.22)
- Four Games in One CD (pg.22)
- Psygnosis:
'Lemmings Was Cool But What Next?' (pg.23)
- Bram Stoker's Dracula (pg.24)
- Microcosm (pg.25)
Show Business:
Future Entertainment Show 1992 Report (pg.100)

Alien 3 (pg.69)




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