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2018 updates:


This week we return to more recent times with issue 7 of NGamer magazine.
We have a ton of preview features and reviews for this issue, as it's packed full with content, so let's get started.
First up we have several Nintendo DS reviews: Children of Mana, Chocobo and the Magic Picturebook, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, Final Fantasy III and Magical Starign. Then we move on to Elebits for the Wii, as well as Kororinpa, Metal Slug Anthology, Necro-Nesia and Super Swing Golf Pangya. On top of this we also have two Wii features: Scarface and SSX Blur.
Then we look at a small feature titled: What the hell is Dragon Quest?, and we finish off this update with this issues Download feature: History Lesson #4: Hal Laboratory. Enjoy!

NGamer 7 - march 2007 (UK) February 9, 2017

This time we return to March of 1996 with the remaster of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine volume 5.
Looking at all the games in this issue alone makes you wonder just why the Saturn wasn't flying of store shelves back then. It truly deserved so much better...
The first preview is for the incredibly underrated puzzle game Baku Baku Animal by Sega. The second arcade game that we take a look at is Fighting Vipers, which would en up getting a brilliant Saturn port later on.
We then go and take a look at the big cover story with the original WipEout, and finish up this update with the sequel to a Mega Drive classic action RPG: The Story of Thor 2.

February 2, 2018 OSSM 5 - march 1996 (UK) (REMASTERED)

As we go from strength to strength, we move on from Club Nintendo to some Sega loving instead with issue 4 of MegaDrive Advanced Gaming that came out in December of 1992.
As a preview for the full magazine, let's start off by looking at some classic Mega Drive reviews.
First up we have the timeless classic by none other than Sonic Team: Sonic the Hedgehog 2. We move on to a great little strategy gem by Koei that seems to have been all but forgotten over the years: Gemfire. from here, we look towards a couple bigger names as we have a gander at the reviews for Lemmings as well as Prince of Persia for the Mega CD. Enjoy!

Megadrive Advanced Gaming 4 - december 1992 (UK) January 19, 2017

As the first release of a new year we have something rather special to present to you. A magazine which I wasn't sure about if it would be possible to bring it back to life again. But after a ton of work and even more hours put into it compared to a regular 100 page magazine in decent condition, this slim 20 page magazine of 29 years ago finally looks brand new again! :)
To view just what it went through, be sure to take a look at the bottom of the updated Restoration Process feature that has high resolution before/after shots of several problematic pages.
Since this is a tiny magazine, we only selected two preview features this time. The first one being Rad Racer by Square, and the classic Castlevania by Konami.

January 7, 2018 Club Nintendo Volume 1 Issue 2 - 1989 (UK)

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