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CVG 177 - august 1996 (UK) magazine title:
Computer and Video Games 177
release date:
August 1996
EMAP Publishing
number of pages:
100 pages + 16 pages freeplay
Paul Davies
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
November 1981
final issue:
October 2004



Virtua Fighter 3 new character (Arcade) (pg.8)
Titus begins N64 development (pg.8)
Sega Channel (Mega Drive) (pg.8)
Sega Saturn untold potential (pg.9)
Quake (PC CD-ROM) (pg.10)
N64 prelaunch excitement (pg.14)

Broken Sword (PSone/PC) (pg.20)
Virtua Cop 2 (Saturn) (pg.22)
Blam! Machinehead (PC CD-ROM) (pg.24)
Heart of Darkness (PSone) (pg.26)
Exhumed (Saturn) (pg.28)
Cheesy (PSone) (pg.30)
Kowloon's Gate (PSone) (pg.33)
Quintessential Art of Destruction (PC CD-ROM) (pg.34)
NiGHTS into Dreams (Saturn) (pg.36)
Crash Bandicoot (PSone) (pg.40)

Konami R@D Special Feature (pg.42)
A day in the life of Le Mans '96 (pg.98)

Street Fighter 3 (pg.1)
Built in N64 game? (pg.1)
Import N64 last-minute round-up (pg.1)
Official chart round-up (pg.2)
Dave Keball's Retro Computer Cabin (pg.3)
CVG's internet pages (pg.4)
Freeplay classified (pg.5)
Freeplay fanzines (pg.5)
Drawinz wot you don (pg.8)
Resident Evil guide (pg.10)


Sonic 3D Blast (Mega Drive) (pg.82)
Formula 1 (PSone) (pg.84)
WipEout 2097 (PSone) (pg.88)
Fighting Vipers (Saturn) (pg.90)
Pilotwings 64 (N64) (pg.92)
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (PSone/Saturn/SNES) (pg.96)
Dead or Alive (Arcade) (pg.96)
Ken Griffey jr Baseball (N64) (pg.96)
Blast Chamber (PSone/Saturn/PC) (pg.97)
Hyperblade (PC CD-ROM) (pg.97)
Final Doom (PC CD-ROM) (pg.97)
Three Dirty Dwarves (Saturn) (pg.97)
NBA Action (Saturn) (pg.97)
Destruction Derby 2 (PSone) (pg.97)

Fade to Black (PSone) (pg.54)
Actua Golf (PSone) (pg.58)
Wrestlemania The Arcade Game (Saturn) (pg.60)
Aquantaut's Holiday (PSone) (pg.64)
Onside Soccer (PC CD-ROM) (pg.66)
Olympic Games (PSone) (pg.68)
Olympic Soccer (PSone) (pg.72)
Starfighter 3000 (PSone) (pg.74)
Grand Prix 2 (PC CD-ROM) (pg.76)
Shellshock (PC CD-ROM) (pg.78)
Frank Thomas:Big Hurt Baseball (PSone) (pg.78)
Virtual Golf (PSone) (pg.78)
Slam 'N' Jam (PSone/Saturn) (pg.78)
Striker (Saturn) (pg.79)
Space Hulk (PSone) (pg.79)
Need for Speed (Saturn) (pg.79)
Settlers 2 (PC CD-ROM) (pg.79)




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