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Mean Machines


Mean Machines 1 magazine title:
Mean Machines 1
release date:
october 1990
number of pages:
Julian Rignall
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
October 1990
final issue:
October 1992
scan date:
June 2016



Who's who? (p.8)
Mean Machines history (p.9)

Robocop II (NES) (p.10)
Insector X (Mega Drive) (p.11)
Japanese mags (p.11)
Paradroid (NES) (p.12)
Consoles we once loved: Atari 2600 (p.12)
Harmony (GameBoy) (p.12)
It's nearly Super Famicom time (p.14)
Hellfire (Mega Drive) (p.14)
Total Recall (NES) (p.15)
Klax (Mega Drive) (p.15)
PinBot (NES) (p.15)

Moonwalker (Mega Drive) (p.72)
Super Monaco GP (Mega Drive) (p.96)


Revenge of Shinobi (Mega Drive) (p.16)
Silent Service (NES) (p.22)
Impossible Mission (Master System) (p.26)
Megaman II (NES) (p.30)
Life Force (NES) (p.32)
Wonderboy 3: The Dragon's Trap (Master System) (p.40)
Golden Axe (Mega Drive) (p.42)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Master System) (p.47)
Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) (p.52)
Paperboy (Master System) (p.54)
Gauntlet (Master System) (p.58)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES) (p.62)
Bionic Commando (NES) (p.66)
Summer Games (Master System) (p.70)
Ghouls 'N' Ghosts (Mega Drive) (p.74)
Double Dragon II (NES) (p.78)
Super Hang-On (Mega Drive) (p.82)
Thunderforce 2 (Mega Drive) (p.86)
Truxton (Mega Drive) (p.92)
Skate or Die (NES) (p.94)


Mean Machines 1

Mean Machines

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