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Mean Machines 11 - august 1991 (UK) magazine title:
Mean Machines 11
release date:
August 1991
EMAP Publishing
number of pages:
Julian Rignall
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
October 1990
final issue:
October 1992
scan date:
September 2017



Summer CES 1991 (pg.10)
Alien Storm (pg.10)
Tengen's Topper Titles (pg.10)
Even more Mega games (pg.11)
JVC premiere thrills (pg.11)
R-Type III (SNES) (pg.12)
Game Gear still in first (pg.12)
GameBoy Arcade Classics (pg.12)
Eye Eye Irem (pg.12)
Super Famicom to be sneezed at (pg.12)
Ocean go Nintendo bonkers (pg.15)
A ton of delights at Acclaim/LJN (pg.15)
Capcom's corking creations (pg.16)
Taito's terrific temptations (pg.16)

Super Kick Off (SMS) (pg.58)
Road Rash (MD) (pg.100)
Top Gun the Second Mission (NES) (pg.102)


Ice Hockey (MD) (pg.18)
Boulder Dash (NES) (pg.44)
688 Attack Sub (MD) (pg.48)
The Hunt for Red October (GB) (pg.62)
Shadow Gate (NES) (pg.64)
Snow Bros Jnr (GB) (pg.66)
Alien Storm (MD) (pg.68)
Spycho Fox (SMS) (pg.76)
Spider-Man vs the Kingpin (SMS) (pg.80)
Kabuki Quantum Fighter (NES) (pg.86)

Zelda II (NES) (pg.30)
Megaman 2 (NES) (pg.30)
Ducktales (NES) (pg.32)
Star Control (MD) (pg.38)


Mean Machines 11


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