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N64 Magazine 5 magazine title:
NGamer 5
release date:
January 2007
Future Publishing
number of pages:
Mark Green
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
August 2006
final issue:
October 2012
scan date:
March 2017



Best Xmas Ever! (pg.6)
new Mario Galaxy (pg.8)

Warioware Smooth Moves (Wii) (pg.12)
Pokémon Battle Revolution (Wii) (pg.14)
Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii) (pg.17)
Mario party 8 (Wii) (pg.19)
Mario Master of Disguise (DS) (pg.20)
Zendoku (DS) (pg.21)
No More Heroes (Wii) (pg.21)
Castlevania Portrait of Ruin (DS) (pg.22)
Bleach (Wii) (pg.23)
Dragon Quest Swords (Wii) (pg.23)
Trauma Center 2nd Opinion (Wii) (pg.24)
Rapala Tournament Fishing (Wii) (pg.24)
Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (Wii) (pg.25)
Elebits (Wii) (pg.25)
The Ant Bully (Wii) (pg.25)
Avatar: The Last Airbender (Wii) (pg.25)
Ennichi no Tatsujin (Wii) (pg.26)
Kororinpa (Wii) (pg.26)
SD Gundam (Wii) (pg.26)
Super Swing Golf (Wii) (pg.27)
Wing Island (Wii) (pg.27)
Machi Duro Domino (Wii) (pg.27)

Wii History (pg.94)

Top 20 Nintendo Happenings (pg.80)
Splinter Cell Double Agents (pg.82)
10 Cube Curios:
Ribbit King (NGC) (pg.84)
Wave race Blue Storm (NGC) (pg.84)
Lost Kingdoms (NGC) (pg.84)
Cubivore (NGC) (pg.84)
GT Cube (NGC) (pg.84)
Red Card 20-03 (NGC) (pg.85)
Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (NGC) (pg.85)
Extreme-G 3 (NGC) (pg.85)
Dashing the Giant (NGC) (pg.85)
Out there (pg.86)
Nintendoys (pg.88)
Mario Kart GP 2 (pg.89)

Releases on non-Nintendo systems (pg.117)


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) (pg.32)
Wii Sports (Wii) (pg.38)
Wii Play (Wii) (pg.40)
Red Steel (Wii) (pg.42)
Rampage Total Destruction (Wii) (pg.44)
Spongebob Squarepants (Wii) (pg.44)
Need for Speed Carbon (Wii) (pg.45)
Super MonkeyBall Banana Blitz (Wii) (pg.46)
Call of Duty 3 (Wii) (pg.48)
Happy Feet (Wii) (pg.50)
Rayman Raving Rabbits (Wii) (pg.52)
GT Pro Series (Wii) (pg.54)
Cars (Wii) (pg.56)
Monster 4X4 World Circuit (Wii) (pg.57)
Tony hawk's Downhill Jam (Wii) (pg.58)
Barnyard (Wii) (pg.61)
Gottlieb Pinball Classics (Wii) (pg.63)
Madden 07 (Wii) (pg.65)
Tomb Raider Legend (Wii) (pg.66)
Winning Eleven (DS) (pg.68)
Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS) (pg.69)
Yoshi's Island DS (DS) (pg.70)
Custom Robo Arena (DS) (pg.72)
Elite Beat Agents (DS) (pg.73)
Kirby Squeak Squad (DS) (pg.74)
Gunpey Reverse (DS) (pg.76)
Love Love Hamster (DS) (pg.77)
Touch Detective (DS) (pg.77)

Wii Recommend (pg.102)
Donkey Kong/ DK JR (pg.104)
Bonk's Adventure (pg.104)
Super Star Soldier (pg.104)
Sim City (pg.104)
Bomberland '93 (pg.104)
Toejam & Earl (pg.104)
Space Harrier II (pg.105)
Ristar (pg.105)
Donkey Kong Country (pg.105)
Golden Axe (pg.105)
Altered Beast (pg.105)
Dungeon Explorer (pg.105)
Sonic the Hedgehog (pg.106)
Solomon's Key (pg.106)
F-Zero (pg.106)
The Legend of Zelda (pg.106)
Super Mario 64 (pg.107)
Gunstar Heroes (pg.107)


NGamer Magazine 5

N64 Magazine

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