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PC Player


PC Player 1 magazine title:
PC Player issue 1
release date:
Dember 1993
Maverick Magazines
number of pages:
John Davison
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
December 1993
final issue:
October 1994




Dungeon Master II (p.8)
Rebel Assault (p.8)
Archon Ultra (p.8)
Fantasy Empires (p.8)
The Elder Scrolls (p.9)
Delta V (p.9)
Evasive Action (p.9)
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (p.9)
Star Trek 2: Judgement Rights (p.9)
Starfleet Academy (p.9)
Microcosm (p.10)
Hired Guns (p.10)
Innocent (p.10)
Lawnmower Man (p.10)
B. Wing (p.10)
Lords of Power (p.10)
Dracula Unleashed (p.10)
Police Quest IV (p.12)
Shadow of Darknes (p.12)
Aces Over Europe (p.12)
Aces of the Deep (p.12)
Outpost (p.12)
Ultima VIII (p.12)
Jagged Alliance (p.13)
SimCity Enhanced (p.13)
SimAnt Enhanced (p.13)
Tornado supplement disks (p.13)
V For Victory IV (p.13)
Harpoon II (p.13)
Victory at Sea (p.13)
Inca II (p.13)
Litil Divil (p.14)
Gabriel Knight (p.14)
Subwar 2050 (p.14)
Starlord (p.14)
Falcon SVGA (p.14)
Lords of Midnight (p.14)
Eye of the Beholder (p.14)


Alone in the Dark 2 (p.94)
Frontier: Elite II (p.96)
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father (p.100)
Beneath A Steel Sky (p.102)
Stonekeep (p.104)
Fables and Fiends: The Hand of Fate (p.108)
Dreamweb (p.110)

TFX – Tactical Fighter Experiment (p.26)
Privateer (p.32)
Return to Zork (p.38)
Lost in Time (p.48)
Cyber Race (p.52)
Flight Simulator 5.0 (p.54)
V For Victory: Gold-Juno-Sword (p.60)
Darksun: Shattered Lands (p.64)
NFL Coaches Club Football (p.68)
Front Page Sports Football Pro (p.74)
Kasparov’s Gambit (p.76)
World War II: Battles of the South Pacific (p.80)

Classic Golf (p.84)
Battle Chess (p.84)
Lord of the Rings (p.84)
Blue Force (p.85)
Pinball Dreams (p.85)
Goal (p.85)
Street Fighter II (p.85)

Air combat simulations (p.16)
The old flying machine company (p.24)
Is your 386 enough? (p.44)
Column: Rantings of the Poison Pen (p.82)
Column: Angry (p.99)

Tornado (p.86)
X-Wing (p.90)



PC Player
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