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PC Player 5 magazine title:
PC Player issue 5
release date:
April 1994
Maverick Magazines
number of pages:
John Davison
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
December 1993
final issue:
October 1994



Memphis (pg.8)
Werewolf KA-50 (pg.9)
Links 486 (pg.9)
Iron Fist (pg.9)
Star Trek: TNG - A Final Unity (pg.9)
Forgotten Castle (pg.10)
Wing Commander III (pg.10)
Detroit (pg.10)
Breach 3 (pg.10)
Beverly Hillbillies (pg.12)
Lords of Midnight: The Citadel (pg.12)
Sim Health (pg.12)
Harpoon II (pg.12)
Victory at Sea (pg.12)
Scavenger (pg.12)
The Horde (pg.12)

Interview: John Nichol
(Tornado: Operation Desert Storm) (pg.45)
Book Review: Falcon 3.0 Air Combat (pg.49)
Intercept (pg.52-53)
Column: Angry Again (pg.82)
Column: CD Revolution (pg.100)

Star Wars: TIE Fighter (pg.84)
Great Naval Battles (pg.90)
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary CD (pg.93)
Sim City CD (pg.94)
Al Qadim (pg.96)
Theme Park (pg.98)


Shadowcaster (pg.102)
TFX (pg.106)

Archon Ultra (pg.16)
The Journeyman Project (pg.20)
Hired Guns (pg.22)
Merchant Prince (pg.26)
NFL Pro League Football (pg.28)
Airforce Commander (pg.30)
Championship Manager '93/'94 (pg.32)
Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness (pg.34)
Doom (pg.38)
Hornet Naval Strike Fighter (pg.41)
Tornado: Operation Desert Storm (pg.44)
Gettysburg (pg.50)
Nomad (pg.54)
TFX CD-ROM (pg.58)
Stef the Slug (pg.58)
Comanche: Over the Edge (pg.58)
Mortal Kombat (pg.59)
Sid and Al's Incredible Toons (pg.59)
Pinball Fantasies (pg.59)
Wizard (pg.60)
Conspiracy (pg.62)
Reunion (pg.64)
Evasive Action (pg.68)
City 2000 (pg.72)
In Extremis (pg.78)



PC Player
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