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Raze 4 magazine title:
Raze Issue 4
release date:
February 1991
Newsfield Publications
number of pages:
Richard Monteiro
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
October 1990
final issue:
September 1991



Crazy People (p. 6)
Double Sided (p. 6)
Double Trouble (p. 8)
Ground Zero (p. 6)
Rubik's Cube (p. 8)
Silent Psygnosis (p. 7)
SWIV (p. 7)
Zarathrusta (p. 8)

Advanced Fruit Machine Simulator (p. 92) (Amiga)
Conflict (p. 92) (Amiga, Atari ST, IBM PC)
Leather Goddess of Phobos (p. 90) (Amiga, Atari ST, IBM PC)
Skystrike+ (p. 90) (Atari ST)
Tracksuit Manager 90 (p. 91) (Amiga, Atari ST, IBM)
Wheels of Fire (p. 91) (Amiga, Atari ST)

Amstradopolis (p. 24)
Atari Attack (p. 22)
Big in Japan (p. 10)
Commodore Corral (p. 24)
Entertainment USA (p. 14)
Hacks and Stacks (p. 76)
Narly Nintendo (p. 18)
NEC Knacks (p. 20)
Sega City City City City (p. 16)
Sights on CD (p. 82)
Super Dupa (p. 80)

Bull Creek (p. 85) (Amiga)
Give Us A Break (p. 84) (Atari ST)
Snifburk (p. 85) (Amiga)
Tetraside (p. 84) (Atari ST)
Zenon III (p. 84) (Amiga)
Zzep (p. 84) (Amiga)


Bust or Broke (p. 86)
Skull and Crossbones (p. 86)
Space Gun (p. 87)
Super Space Invaders (p. 86)
Thunder Jaws (p. 87)

4-D Sports Driving (p. 54) (IBM PC)
720 Degrees (p. 68) (NES)
A Boy and His Blob (p. 74) (Game Boy)
Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf (p. 60) (Mega Drive)
Columns (p. 32) (Master System)
Crash Course (p. 52) (IBM PC)
Days of Thunder (p. 44) (NES)
Dynamite Duke (p. 73) (Mega Drive)
E-Swat (p. 36) (Master System)
Fire Shark (p. 74) (Mega Drive)
Fortress of Fear (p. 73) (Game Boy)
Gauntlet II (p. 71) (NES)
Golden Axe (p. 66) (Amiga)
Hard Drivin' 2 (p. 48) (Amiga, IBM PC)
Ishido (p. 34) (Amiga)
John Madden American Football (p. 70) (Mega Drive)
MIG-29 Fulcrum (p. 40) (IBM PC)
Ms. Pac-Man (p. 29) (Atari Lynx)
Ninja Remix (p. 58) (Atari ST)
Nitro (p. 42) (Atari ST)
Ooops Up (p. 30) (Amiga)
Prince of Persia (p. 63) (Amiga, IBM PC)
Rabio Lepus (p. 72) (PC Engine)
Roadblasters (p. 45) (Atari Lynx, NES)
Space 1889 (p. 15) (IBM PC)
Spindizzy Worlds (p. 59) (Atari ST)
Spy vs Spy (p. 38) (NES)
Street Hockey (p. 56) (Amiga)
Strider (p. 15) (Mega Drive)
Toyota Celica (p. 46) (Amiga)
Xenophobe (p. 28) (Atari Lynx)



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