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Sega Pro 9 magazine title:
Sega Pro 9
release date:
July 1992
Paragon Publishing
number of pages:
Dominic Handy
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
November 1991
final issue:
September 1996
scan date:
July 2017



Boxing blunder (pg.8)
Price drops ahoy (pg.8)
Menacer (pg.9)
Sonic 2 (pg.10)
Asciiware Mega Drive arcade stick (pg.12)
Afterburner III (Mega CD) (pg.14)
Thunder Storm FX (Mega CD) (pg.14)
Dennin Aleste (Mega CD) (pg.14)
Prince of Persia (Mega CD) (pg.15)
Combat King Colossus (pg.15)
Yumi Mix (pg.15)
Junkers High (pg.15)
Human Technologies develops for Sega (pg.16)
The Rise and Fall of Deadly Heaven (pg.16)
Chicago Winter CES 1992 (pg.18)

Bart VS. The Space Mutants (Mega Drive) (pg.36)
Bart VS. The Space Mutants (Master System) (pg.38)
Bart VS. The Space Mutants (Game Gear) (pg.39)
Chuck Rock (Mega Drive) (pg.40)
Sagaia (Master System) (pg.42)
Thunder Pro Wrestling (Mega Drive) (pg.44)
Olympic Gold (MD/MS) (pg.46)
OutRun Europa (Game Gear) (pg.48)
Prince of Persia (Master System) (pg.58)
Exile (Mega Drive) (pg.60)
Speedball 2 (Master System) (pg.62)
Bulls VS Lakers (Mega Drive) (pg.64)
David Robinson's Supreme Court (Mega Drive) (pg.66)
Crystal Warriors (Game Gear) (pg.68)
World Class Leaderboard (Mega Drive) (pg.70)

Bad Omen (Mega Drive) (pg.96)


Guide to Winter (pg.20)
Rise of the Dragon (Mega CD) (pg.24)
Wing Commander (Mega CD) (pg.24)
Best of the Best (Mega Drive) (pg.24)
Black Crypt (Mega Drive) (pg.24)
Lotus Open (Mega Drive) (pg.25)
Air Rescue (Master System) (pg.25)
Cadash (Mega Drive) (pg.25)
Wimbledon Tennis (Master System) (pg.25)
Flight (working title) (Mega Drive) (pg.26)
Warriors of the Eternal Sun (Mega Drive) (pg.26)
RC Grand Prix (MD/GG) (pg.26)

Guide to Shoot-'Em-Ups (pg.28)
Undeadline (Mega Drive) (pg.28)
Thunderforce III (Mega Drive) (pg.28)
Hellfire (Mega Drive) (pg.28)
Battle Squadron (Mega Drive) (pg.28)
Gynoug (Mega Drive) (pg.29)
Power Strike (Master System) (pg.30)
G-Loc (Master System) (pg.30)
Bomber Raid (Master System) (pg.30)
R-Type (Master System) (pg.31)
Xenon II (Master System) (pg.31)
Griffin (Game Gear) (pg.32)
Halley Wars (Game Gear) (pg.32)
Fantasy Zone (Game Gear) (pg.32)
G-Loc (Game Gear) (pg.33)
GG Aleste (Game Gear) (pg.33)

Kid Chameleon (Mega Drive) (pg.82)
M-1 Abrams Battle tank (Mega Drive) (pg.88)
Spiderman (MS/GG) (pg.90)



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